How much does MISSA membership cost? A MISSA membership costs $40.
What is ISACA? ISACA is a Los Angeles non-profit organization that is committed to amplyifying and developing information systems audit professions. Learn more about ISACA.
How to get involved with MISSA? Go to weekly meetings, be sure to join MISSA's slack channel, get in touch with MISSA e-board members and other MISSA members. This way you build a network and learn from others. It is important to communicate and establish a network with other students who share the same passsion as you.
What is ITC? ITC is an information technology competition that allows studdents to showcase their skills and present their ideas to a group of judges. You learn to work with a group of students to tackle a case specific to the category you choose.
What is the Professional Tech Mixer? MISSA's professional tech mixer is an event held during the fall where students can network and find opportunities to explore careers.