Welcome to MISSA!

MISSA (Management Information Systems Student Association) is an organization focused on enabling students to explore careers in Information Technology (IT) and help them develop both the technical and soft skills which companies are currently searching for in potential employees. 



Networking is a powerful tool that allows you to create relationships with professionals and accelerate your career.

We provide opportunities for students to network with successful IT professionals and learn about their companies.

Job Opportunities

Jobs and internships give you real world experience and valuable insight in your major and career.

We host events where students can give their resumes to IT professionals and apply for jobs and internships.

Resume & Interview Workshops

Knowing how to properly write a resume and present yourself during an interview are crucial to your success.

We help students build their resumes and improve their interview skills through workshops.


Weekly Meetings:

Every Thursday @ 12pm - 1pm

Room:  162-1002

Become a Member

Participate in our weekly meetings and take part in the events MISSA has to offer! To learn more about the benefits of MISSA membership, click here.