IT Competition

ITC Chair 2015: Benjamin Vargas

Sponsor ITC 2015 Contact: Nathan Fonbuena

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What is the Information Technology Competition?

The Information Technology Competition is a forum where teams of students from various west coast universities apply their knowledge and skills in information technology to real-world business scenarios. Their work is analyzed, critiqued, and judged by industry professionals. In addition to the opportunity to win cash prizes, participants also gain contacts in the industry, valuable feedback on their work from professionals, and experience working in a business environment that includes competitive pressure, deadlines, and a team-oriented environment.

“Past winners and competitors have been offered internships and job opportunities.”

For the past 18 years, MISSA has hosted the annual Information Technology Competition (ITC). It is a competition where students are able to compete against other teams in real world IT scenarios, as well as meet and network with many professionals from different companies. We had 250 to 300 people attend this event.

The main purpose of the ITC is to help students develop critical skills in solving real business problems. With more than 50 companies sponsoring this event, students have been able to showcase their talents and have the opportunity to win prizes as well as network with the leading industry professionals.

What are the goals of ITC?

  • Create an opportunity for students to showcase their talent and abilities in the information technology field.
  • Prepare students for employment by offering challenging, real world information technology business cases.
  • Create a venue for students and employers to interact and network.  

View Past ITC Case Studies

Before You Register - Some FAQ's

  1. How much is it to compete? $40 per member plus processing fee. 
  2. How many members can a team have?  Teams should have 2-4 members.

If you have additional questions, or suggestions for improving this page, please email the ITC Chair.