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For Specific Inquiries: Danielle Nguyen  (danielle.nguyen@calpolymissa.org)

For General Inquiries, please email MISSA       (eboard@calpolymissa.org)

For Recruiting/Info Sessions to MISSA: Gabby Nguyen  (gabby.nguyen@calpolymissa.org)

For lTC Inquiries: Barbae Marquez           (barbae.marquez@calpolymissa.org)

For Data Analytics Inquiries: Nataliya Rogova  (nataliya.rogova@calpolymissa.org)

For Website Inquiries: Ishmene Andrei Cabral  (ishmene.cabral@calpolymissa.org)




Cal Poly Pomona

College of Business Administration

Building 162 - 1002

Thursdays 12pm - 1pm

3801 West Temple Avenue

Pomona, California 91768