Networking Opportunities

  • Membership in ISACA
  • Partners with Cal Poly Pomona Career Center
  • Events to meet and network with industry professionals
  • Workshops on how to successfully network and market yourself

Career Development

  • Resume and interview workshops
  • Presentations on different jobs and career paths in the IT field
  • Discover how the recruitment process works and what Fortune 500 companies are looking for in their future employees

MISSA Executive Board

President: Jonathan Wang

ITC Co-Chairs: Yashika Patel & Earl Chua

Co-Internal Vice Presidents: Christopher Guerra & Myo Kyaw

External Vice President: Benjamin Dillon

Chief Information Officer: Jonathan Diep

Chief Financial Officer: Matthew Sprengel

Director of Events: Alan Tan

Director of Marketing: Heena Shewaramani

Director of Alumni Affairs: Edward Van

Admin Assistant: Sahil Shah

Honorary Members

ITC Document Specialist: Alden Tan

MISSA Document Specialist: Thomas Lee